Thursday, December 16, 2010

FEED Bracelets...

       Okay so I went to the mall last night and went to Forever 21 and was purchasing some clothing items that we're on sale.. and when I got to the register they cashier greeted me with this Feed the children bracelets 

The one I purchased was for a child in Honduras, the girl at the register didn't explain to me that 
if you purchase two you give that one child 2 school meals; and I only took one. So tonight I will go back and purchase another one. I am very HAPPY that Forever 21 is doing this... and I hope my followers go out and support this cause! 
Black- Kenya
Yellow-Sri Lanka
Blue- Haiti
Gold- Honduras

Relly xoxoxoxo


  1. What a great cause. Im not a forever 21 shopper, but will def go and support our needy children. Thanks for sharing, and good for you going back to get another one!!

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